Online Themes gone on Appearences Menu

I picked up a SMP a few weeks back and played with it until I got everything figured out and working, including changing the theme to one found in the online themes accesses through the appearence menu on the SMP.  I have since purchased two more identical SMP’s and hooked them up with no problem except I now none of the 3 SMP’s can see any online theme content.  It sees the local Mochi theme, but when I press the red button to change the source it sits for a minute and then says there is no media to play back.

Network connectivity is fine, NAS work, Netflix, YouTube…is there currently an issue with the online themes or have I managed to screw something up somehow?

well I did not spend much time on this

but yes, it appears, online theme’s are not available anymore, at least as of last night

if this is a temporary server issue, or an indication of things to come, I don’t know

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I will look into this.