Onkyo and Denon AVR Receiver Apps stopped working

I have the Android tablet based aps for Denon and Onkyo AVR receivers to control the music and set up playlists for the whole house audio system. Its served off of a WDEX4100. I have over 1000 CDs loaded on the WDEX4100 ripped to FLAC. Up to now, I’ve used the Onkyo and Denon apps to play music and control the receivers. After OS5 was installed on the WDEX4100, my Android apps stopped working completely. My Onkyo and Dennon apps on the Android tablet can no longer play WDEX4100 stored FLAC music files. Plex continues to work both for audio and video, but PLEX is installed as an app on the WDEX4100. It runs on the WDEX4100. The Android apps do not, they just access the WDEX4100. I reinstalled the Twonky Server. I can see the folders and songs on the drive in Windows and on both Android apps, but the apps will no longer play them. It worked before. What happened?

The version of Twonky in My Cloud OS 5 has been updated to 8.5.1-2 and is installed as a 3rd party app. FLAC is supported, per Twonly FAQ but you might want to check the Media Player Type at the Twonky Server configuration screen.



There is a ton of selections there that was not needed to function under OS3 - it just worked. Most of those choices are not an exact match to what one may have - some guidance needs to be provided. In other words, there are perhaps 8 Denon choices, and then do I choose “music only” “media receiver” etc. Also, the version number of Twonky is incorrect.


Version: Twonky Server 8.5.1-1

Does this need to be updated