Ongoing problems login credentials / password

Can map drives through, usually, however it’s unstable and with poor quality hotel internet it very often does not load - it lets me login, but never actually proceeds from the login page.

At home I used to be able to see the WDMC in Windows Explorer under “Network” and go from there, however it appears there less and less frequently and lately not at all. If I brutally unplug WDMC, wait for a minute or two, plug back in, that sometimes make it work as normal again, but usually causes further rounds of unplugging-waiting-replugging various other disks/hubs.

Trying to login with desktop app gives following message -

WD Desktop App.PNG

Reinstalling/uninstalling/redownloading the WDMC Desktop apps all gives a similar error message at installation, something like “problem with the packet”.

The message that a new version is available was there for a few weeks. I tried to download it ever since it first appeared, but every time it failed to install.

In the dashboard, I used to have one user called “admin” and one called “elvis”. Deleted the Elvis user, share (aka folder is still there, but I guess I will delete it). While Elvis user was still extant, he had an email address, that is the same as that of the admin. I can only supply an email to “admin” after deleting “Elvis”, and since they both have the same email address, even after deleting Elvis, this is the message I get when trying to set up email for “admin”:

So I am actually not trying to “delete” anything, I did already delete the “Elvis” user and his associated email, now I NEED to register “admin” with that exact email. How ?

Thanks for your help!

WD Dashboard - Copy.PNG


Regarding the unit not showing on Windows Explorer under Network, you can try setting the unit with static ip and mapping the drive.

Information on how to do that on the link below.

Please see the following link to install the latest firmware manually on your My Cloud drive

Just add the new user with the same email, it shouldn’t give you any issues since the previews user was already deleted.