OneDrive Connection Failure (908)

When I try to add the OneDrive service to the MyCloud app on Android 9, I get the error message “Network connection failure (908)”
I am able to add the Google Drive and Dropbox.
I have been able to add OneDrive to some other 3rd party apps, but not all that I have checked.

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Hello CAW39,

Recently, from past few days, Microsoft server is not getting connect with One Drive. You should try to refer below article in this concern first. If issue still persists, need to contact Microsoft Support about this.

Yup. Same issue here. Linked article above has nothing to do with the issue. Something is wrong with how the MyCloud (Android) app is handshaking/handling the token when the app (MyCloud) signs in on the users behalf. I’m also on Android 9.

I am having the exact same problem to connect to OneDrive using my Samsung S9.
I had it at my iphone and was working perfectly. Also it lacks the possibility to connect different OneDrive, Google Drive accounts within the same app. If you have any solution, please let me know.

I have exactly the same problem. I am using Android 9 on a Moto G6 not that it matters. My previous phone had the same problem. I can connect to Google and Dropbox as well.

I cannot find an article in the KB that even references what the error code (908) even means let alone try to resolve the problem.

I wish someone from WD would at least run down what the error code may be referring to.