One user connecting from multiple clients allowed?

Is this a “feature” I am not aware of?  If this is simply how the device works I’m not impressed.  What am I doing wrong here?  Do I really need a separate user account for each client device?  If so, is that documented somewhere?  It’s my network and I am the only user on it.  I assumed I could use one user account for multiple client access.

My Scenario:

2 clients - one is a MacBook Pro the other is a Windows Vista 64bit laptop.

1 user configured for WD My Cloud

I’m busy doing a large file transfer from my Mac client to the WD My Cloud Share A.  I then go to my Vista machine, boot up, reconnect the network drive shares and start a file transfer from that client to the WD My Cloud Share B.  When I reconnected the Windows shares I did notice an error message something about can’t have multiple connections with the same username.

I go back to my Mac and the file transfer that was halfway through has now been cancelled.  There was an error something about permissions.

So, does each client device need a unique user account to be able to access the WD My Cloud simoultaneously?


You should be able to copy files from multiple computer at the same time. Try disconnecting both shares and map them again. If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact tech support directly.

Using the same WD My Cloud user account?