One shot file sharing? [FIXED]

I’m about at my wits end here and hoping somebody with a bit more xp than me can help. The main issue I’m running into is file sharing from my desktop. While I’m sure that’s not a huge  surprise, the symptoms are a bit odd. First, some info–

Win 7 x64 Prof.

Netgear WGT624 Wirless Router

Files shared at the folder level + all permissions.

No problems getting out to the internet.

All MS Live products completely uninstalled.

Laptop sees file shares 100% of the time on same network.

Everybody is “WORKGROUP”

I have invariably run into one of two problems since opening the **bleep** box:

  1. The file source has been removed, select a new one.
  • Most of the time it finds the PC again, but…
  1. Login and password are incorrect.
  • If I somehow do manage past this point, no file shares will be found.

Now the caveat… If I perform a factory reset, everything runs perfectly. WDTV will ask a password and find my computer. It will see my shares. It will play the files therein perfectly. As long as I stay within the shared file structures, I have no problems accessing my media. The moment I back out to the main menu, everything falls apart and the above two issues invariably return.

For example, I will factory rest, add my router pass, time zone and the like. I’ll select a media zone, say Music. I’ll see my computer and it will prompt me for the password (I have not been able to get rid of this BTW). I add the user name and password and within seconds, can access eveything I shared. If I back out of the shares to the main menu to do something else, failures 1 & 2 take full effect with zero recovery. Another factory reset resores function perfectly, of course.

So, what would cause my WDTV Live to run absolutely perfectly from a fresh factory reset, but fall on the rocks the moment I back out of the shared media that it wa clearly able to access the first time through?

This could be your problem:   Win 7 x64 Prof.

The professional version has “issues” with common ordinary sharing.  Google for some solutions; Microsoft site is good one to check.

Fixed! For now.

Right click on the desired folder.

Select ‘Share with’ --> ‘Specific People’

‘Choose People to Share With’ drop down --> Select ‘Guest’

‘Share’ button.

When WDTV prompts for password, remove all information. Remember the checkbox to save it for next time. Full file sharing access confirmed across multiple resets and one fatal error due to file format issues :slight_smile:

Finally when sharing with Guest, allow read & write privliages otherwise some features will be denied to WDTV.

@ Mike;

Sadly never found the MS Tech Support forums to be much help.

OK, since you know what you are doing, I will not help anymore.

Snozallos, is Password Protected Sharing set to off?