One pretty satisfied customer

Hello, this is my first post on these forum and I guess I’m one of the (few) lucky people who is quite satisfied with this product. Maybe I’m not such a power user and that’s why almost everyting is working in my case , I’m using the box mainly for movies from my PC share over wire ethernet and I didn’t had any movie that Live can’t play.

My only problem is that sometime Live don’t see anymore the Windows shares, I don’t know exactly how to reproduce this so I’m unable to solve it straight. Sometimes I restart the WD, some other times I restart the PC, and sometimes I just wait. Here I would like to see some improvements or somekind of tricks, fixs that can help me solve this annoying problem without loosing so much time. So if anyone figured out how to fix this… :slight_smile:

Except that and the one with the subtitles that are too up, everyting is okay :slight_smile:

Which firmware do you have?

Latest official firmware, 1.02.21