One of the my cloud device refuses to stay connected need help

Hopefully I can get as much, if not all the info and not forget anything.
first the equiptment.
My cloud device ex 4100
main router - Linksys wrt32 x (I do not recommend it worst dashboard ever)
modem/router - arris DG1670

Set up, the arris is the ISP modem/router, we do have it set up so that it broadcasts WIFI (we cannot for the life of us figure out how to get IPV6 to work on the Linksys wrt32x and for me there are at least 5 apps that won’t work without being connected to an IPV6 connection, there are other problems with the arris, it’s a headache but works well enough) with that out of the way. the arris is the ISP modem, we have the Linksys wrt32x hooked up to it and that’s our main WIFI, everything else is hooked up to the Linksys router. the my cloud ex4100 is wired into the Linksys, has a static IP set (almost everything in our home has a static IP, barring a few new devices that we haven’t set fully yet because we’ve only had them a few days).

The problem started a long time ago, but it’s now bothering me to a big extent. We can not access my cloud dashboard (not by double clicking the device in file explorer, not by manually typing in the IP address, not at all) we also can not access the ex4100 through remotely, or through the app on our android phones. (this problem is over 2 years old now) we can access the ex4100 through our computers network no problem as long as we remember to switch to the right WIFI.

the ex4100 shows it’s IP as, the linksys router shows the ex4100 having that same IP address, all computers, when you go to properties for the device show that as the IP,
the Devices power button is blue with a slow pulse, saying it’s in standby mode.

If I restart the device, by holding the power button down and then reboot it, I can access the device through the my cloud os 3 app on my phone, but it only lasts for a little while, eventually the app can no longer find the device, it usually says it can’t connect and to check the internet connection, other times it says that remote access is disabled (it is not), any pop up and excuse it can give I’ve probably gotten.
neither my boyfriend nor myself are dumb when it comes to computers ( him more than me, he’s a genius with computers, but neither of us can figure out why this device and only this device refuses to stay connected, we have another my cloud device that has no problems, it’s fine, connects fine can access the dash board etc… it’s just this one my cloud device. only a restart gets it to work but then it never sticks and promptly bugs out again.

we haven’t changed any settings since the day we set it up, and it worked so well for a long time. then one day we just couldn’t use the app anymore. And we realized we couldn’t get into the dashboard for this device. except occasionally, but I realize now those days where during power outages and the device was basically restarted.

Any ideas on what to look at, would be great.

I want to edit to add.
That I can ping the device and it comes pack fine, no packets lost. it never disappears from local network so I can always access it from the correct WIFI on my laptop or any other computer connected to the correct WIFI. What I can’t do is access it remotely, or from my androids phone app, which are the two main ways I need to access it. right now it says that remote access is disabled, but It also won’t allow me to access the dashboard in any way (with device name, or through IP address)
I took a closer look and both the modem/router from ISP and the router we have hooked into it are using DHCP server as enabled (From what i can tell) but in the router that we have hooked up everything is set to static IPs. it’s just confusing because the other my cloud device gives no problems, just the ex4100 does. And I really really want to fix it like it was when we first got it.

so to TLDR this :
EX4100 won’t connect or show dashboard
ex4100 shows as remote access disabled when trying to connect through the app
the above issues will be fixed temp if I press the power button and turn off the device and then turn it back on, but then goes back to saying it’s not available/offline/remote access disabled… reason always changes
ex4100 shows as offline when trying to connect through
ex4100 shows up in network on all computers when on correct WIFI.
ex4100 pings just fine.
ex4100 shows IP correctly everywhere (computer network, on the device, on the router its wired into, through CMD, although CMD does show it as dynamic, but the IP never changes, I do not know CMD to well, just learning it)

I think that’s everything, if not feel free to ask what ever questions you need to. I would like to use 40sec reset as a last resort though, I don’t want to have to set everything back up.

There are dedicated subforums for the EX4100 where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

OS 3 My Cloud EX Series

OS 5 My Cloud EX Series

I figured it out… on how to move it… I think, we will see. :slight_smile: hopefully this is now in the ex series sub forum