One of the hard drives as a off-site storage

Hi all, 

I am considering buying WD My Cloud Mirror mostly as a backup solution for a PC and two laptops. I will keep my precious files on my PC, and my girlfriend will keep her precious files on her laptop and an external USB drive. Then we would like to back all this to WD My Cloud Mirror and have a backup in house. 

I would like to have WD working in RAID1, so we would actually have 2 copies of our files on the NAS, and I would like to keep one of those drives outside home most of the time. My question is, how will the device behave when I take away one of the drives? Can I just keep it at work for 6 days a week, bring it home for one night, put it in the NAS and will it synchronize any files that were added / changed during this week? 


I recommend you take a look at page #135 of the user’s manual.