One NAS with 2 x WDTV likely to cause problems?

I had one WDTV Live connected to my Synology NAS and all worked reasonably well.

I have now added a second in another room, and now both of them are continually hanging, telling me the last content source has been removed and scanning for media (they have both been doing that now for about 14 hours!)

I am wondering whether the problems in my case could be because I have 2 WDTV players on the network?

Either way it’s driving me nuts. The family have lost faith and gone back to using the Dune, which never lets us down! (If only it automatically added the movie info like WDTV does it would be perfect…)

Thank you but oh dear…:cry: I can’t believe I can’t have 2 WDTVs on the same NAS! What a ridiculous oversight!

Looks like I will have to change one for a different brand - or will I run into the same problems again?

You could disable the Media Manager on one so only one device is writing to the metafiles.

I don’t know if this works on your NAS device, but on a Windows box, you can create unique empty shares for each device, and then within each of those shares create junction points to the actual media folders you want to share with each device.  That way each device has its own root folder where it can create database files, but is still scanning a common media heirarchy.  I’ve done something similar for other purposes before.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Does it mean that the device for which the media manager (library?)  is turned off will not remember the thumbnails, movie sheets and resume points etc?