One last question .....(i swear....)

When a song is playing and you return to the dashboard, the info for the song is displayed across the top. What/ where controls how that is displayed. I have looked everywhere for that…

In  rv_home.xml  

there is link to a file called  info.xml

in that file, there a 3 references for music display on the home dashboard. (and numerous other views)

If you want to modify music playing locally (from your hdd) , then modify this one…


You know your lying, because you know you’ll have another question.:wink:   But that’s what the forum is for!

Part of it should be “inc_generic_now_playing.xml”, I haven’t tried doing anything with this yet, but I think this controls everything but the “music_grid_now_playing_bg.png” which is the actually bar.

I believe that the bar is controled by “info.xml” but be careful, as I believe that it also controls the compiling bar and maybe a couple of other bars that I’m not fimiliar with since they seem to be services that I haven’t really used.