One last ditch effort to get this working properly

I have searched and read and searched and and tried anything that seems even slightly possible to help me but to no avail. Hopefully someone here can help me.

I have a TP-Link  TD-W8980 wireless modem/router. This device can act as a media server and provides 2 usb slots to attach hard drives (among other things) which can be accessed via a network. The device has some sort of  SMB thing (I dont really know about this stuff) so should be windows compatible.(?)

I have connected it to the WDTV live every way possible, pin code, wps, auto, manually, wired connection, wirelessly.
 I have no problem connecting the two and can watch you tube etc on the services page so this side of the setup is working ok.

The problem I am having is that the WDTV live refuses to see the device, or the attached usb drive when using windows shares. It sees all my computers and my printer but not the modem/router.

If I enable the inbuilt media server on the modem/router the WDTVlive can access and play files from the usb drive, but I don’t want to use this as the number of files the media sever will do is limited and I cant use the media library function on the WDTV live using this.

So does anybody have any Ideas as to how to get the two devices to play nice?

TBH I dont know if the problem is with the WDTV live or the modem/router and will be putting a similar post on the TP link forum.


In the TP-LINK User Manual, have you tried configuring the USB “Storage Sharing Service” settings ?

Ref: 4.10.3 Storage Sharing  (This can either be Samba or FTP shares (The live doesent support FTP)

From what you decribe, it sounds like you’re using the “Media Server” DLNA sharing on the TP-LINK

Ref:  4.10.5 Media Server

Page 65:

JoeySmyth wrote:

In the TP-LINK User Manual, have you tried configuring the USB “Storage Sharing Service” settings ?


Page 65:



I have the anonymous sharing turned on as it seems to be the easiest way to allow everyone access to everything. I also added a guest user account with the neccessary permissions just to be sure.

 All the computers in the house can access and read and write to the usb drive and see the wdtvlive.

Yes I have use the media server on the TP link succsessflly but now have it disabled.

JoeySmyth wrote:

I(This can either be SMB or FTP shares (The live doesent support FTP … but it does support SMP (short for “Samba” shares) which is what you want.


Just wanted to point out that SMB is not short for Samba.  SMB stands for Server Message Block, one of the names for Microsoft’s original file sharing protocol.  Samba is an open source project that reverse engineered/engineers SMB and makes compatible server and client software available.  There are also several different SMB versions, including a version called CIFS (Common Internet File System) that came along when MS first thought about helping interoperation of devices.  The SMB standard are now apparently fairly open (thanks to the European Union forcing this).  “Windows shares” refers to use of some server (Windows or Samba) running some version of SMB.

thankyou ncarver for the information.

any advice / help for the OP ?