One folder really slow. Depends on Name

I’m experiencing a super strange phenominon. I’ve got one folder on my NAS that one day became really slow to access through Windows Explorer. Previous to this day it was snappy. I’ve check malware and virus scanned it. Both negative.

So I decided to create a new folder named “New Folder”. I copied all the contents of the previous folder named “New Incoming” and pasted them into “New Folder”. 

Now when I path to “New Folder” in windows explorer, it’s reaction time is very snappy. 

So I deleted the old folder “New Incoming” and renamed the new folder to “New Incoming”.

Everything became very slow again.

I’d like to keep the folder name because then I don’t have to reconfig all my programs that are already pointing to it. Plus it used to be fine.

Any ideas?



It’s a different folder in the same share?  Or a different share?

Same Share.