One Drive all movies missing

This is the second time this has happened I have 8 1TB hard drives connected to a NAS via usb. Just out of the blue I go into my movies and one of the drives does not show and it is the same one twice I go up to my computer and look the hard drive is there with the correct name but all files are gone it looks like a bare drive. Luckily I have backups of all my files on all 8 drives. Question is is something in the hub corrupting it or is it just a bad hard drive?

There is always a possibilty of data corruption if you fail to safely eject your drive from the WDTV Live HUB, However, you comment confuses me, You say all your drives are connected to the NAS then how does WDTV Live could be the cause for the drive to loose all data one one drive?

Check your NAS logs to see if you have issues with that drive… could be faulty.

There have actually been a few scattered reports of others seeing the same thing.

I beat the snot out of my NAS’s with 5 different WDTVs almost every day and I’ve yet to see it.

But when the messages started popping up, I enabled full syslogging on my NAS to see what box issues the DELETE command…

If the drive is not connected directly to the WD TV, then try to scan this drive for errors, as you stated, this is the second time that this happens to you.

Oh boy this is all foreighn to me checking sys log. Plus I am not saying the WD is doing it but just kinda weird how all of a sudden this has happened twice. It cannot be the ejecting from me unplugging cause it is a full drive and it stays plugged into my NAS.

How do (I go about checking to see the sys log?