On the fly renaming

The unit renames episodes from 02x10 to Season 2 - 10 on the fly (the 02x10 remains as the file name).  The problem with this (even though a nice touch), is that it messes up the ordering of the files. It plays episode 10 before 9, which really messes up with the continuity of some shows. Any chance to add the 0 before the single digit shows when renaming on the fly? Or even better, do a proper sorting so that  the listing goes 9, 10, 11 instead of 10, 11, 9

Hi, to fix this just add a 0 in front of the 1 to 9 episodes, it should look like 01,02,03…etc.

My original files are 01x09, 01x10, etc. However, the unit replaces the names on the fly and drops the zeros!

Screen shot - on the fly renaming

The screen shot is of how the unit renames file on the go, however the original file names are 05x09, 05x10, 05x11, 05x12 and 05x13. So the issue not my files, but that the unit renames the files on the go, and ignores the original 0 in the episode number or its sorting algorithm isn’t working correctly. I have seen several other people complaining about the sorting order for numbers.

You have two options.

You can use the TV Show filter (Green Button) which will sort correctly by the episode number as listed in the XML file.

You can edit the XML file tag to add a leading zero to the episode numbers 1-9 and then re-import your XML by clearing the media library.

Tony thanks for your suggestions, however these aren’t practical

  1. I have a folder into  which I normally put new files, so filtering by tv show wouldn’t let me see all the new together.

  2. It is impracticall editing all the xml files.

Originally I had put this thread in the issue reporting section. Your suggestions are a way around the problem, though I still consider this to be a bug with how the unit sorts.  I imagine the  code doesn’t needs much, either verifiy that the number is under ten or only one digit, then add a zero. 

Anyhow thanks.