On my 3rd My Net N900

Worth mentioning: I am an experienced network engineer with 10 years of network setup and maintenance

First unit worked for 31 days and stopped working. All lights on, ports lit but no connection to internet no matter how many modem resets and router resets. Switched back to trusty Linksys wrt54g and RMA’d unit.

Second unit arrived and I immediately verified firmware was up to date 1.07.16. Unit worked for 2 days before same issue. Tried resetting unit, resetting modem, disabling network adapter and reinstalling.

Third unit arrived and again I verified firmware up to date. After 1 day it has again stopped working and I am back to my linksys.

I am not going to disable any functions such as port forwarding, disabling the 5Ghz wireless or any other feature. I bought this for my home office BECAUSE of all the functionality. It would be nice if someone from WD would reply and send me a unit that will last.

Hello  jabjams,

Please see your personal messages.

Same thing is happening to me, ping works within the LAN, but wan , and even http administration is dead.

also, im using WD quick view, and the router apppears to be fine, and suddenly, dissapear from the app. 

the bad thing is , i bought the router and brought we me to argentina, i CANT replace the devide, im very frustarted.

i got wd live hub, two wd tv live , one mybook live of 3tb, three elements of 1tb. all of those works perfect, the router is the issue , very disapointed, i will have to get my linksys wrt54g back and have lame bandwith.

Well if ya get some magical way to get the N900 working I’d  be interested, mine was working fine until this am…

then dead, network lights on etc…but no pannel lights (poor as they are) and yea did the paperclip bit

as well…hope this doesn’t mean all the data on the 1TB is lost…any info would be helpful…

Good news so far. WD support contacted me and had me roll back the version to v1.05.12

The link to the rollback is


I did this a few days after I made this post  near the end of September. Since I have rolled back the version in continues to work without any issues. 

I am knocking on wood that it will work for a long time. The router is amazing and I am so happy I hung in there.