On Macintosh: AFP vs SMB

Hi all.

I just installed a 2 TB MBL (to replace a defective LaCie Network Storage 2 which has been returned to LaCie).

It mounts automatically, using AFP protocol, on an iMac (OS X 10.6.8).

I know that I could also access the drive via the SMB protocol (although that introduces the problem of files with weird names like “_VUC69~7”, but that’s another story).

Is there a preferred protocol for accessing the drive?  AFP or SMB?


If  you are using the drive only in a Mac AFP is the preferred protocol…

Hi.  Thanks for the response.  But…

the drive is on a network.  It’s not being accessed only by Macs.  It’s also being accessed by a media player (LaCie, don’t know what the OS is) via a bridge.  And, occasionally, by a PC running Windows XP.

If AFP is the preferred protocol on OS X, do you know why?


I just want to warn you that when you access the drive using AFP, it will splatter hidden .appledouble files everywhere.  If on the pc side you have “show hidden files” enabled, then you will see them.

However, AFP is required for Time Machine to work.

If you want to access shared directories I would recommend SMB.