Сompatibility of SSD SS540, SS530, SS300 with P440ar controller?

I have HP Digital DL360 Gen9 Server (controller P440ar).

  1. Are Digital drives such as SSD WD SAS SS530 WUSTR1548ASS20x ULTRASTAR DC, SS540 (or SS300) compatible with the controller P440ar on this server?

  2. Do SSD SS540, SS530 (or SS300) drives support Hot plug mode?

  3. I just want to use high-speed SSD disks on the SAS interface. Maybe anyone will have a good recommendation in this regard which SAS SSDs is better to choose in HP Digital DL360z Gen9 Server with controller P440ar?
    Thanks a lot in advance!


No one answered me either in technical support or in the forum.
I found a person on the Internet who confirmed the successful installation of SSD Seagate Nytro 3730 in RAID 10 on the HP DL 380 server (P440ar controller).
His comment:
Sometimes the server, when you first insert a disk, can swear and say that it’s not original - this is a mistake of Chinese baskets, do not be afraid. plug again, or plug into a neighboring port.

In pursuit of speed, I forgot to pay attention to reliability. Nytro drives use newer 3D eMLC technology + 10 times higher error tolerance (1 per 10E18).