OMG I need to do a recovery and my passport has died seemingly

I have a problem with auto updates having downloaded IE8 and for some reason (already had it) and now the file is corrupted and can’t uninstall.

Sent the whole system wobbly for a while but did a restore and all back and working except my passport essential have a lot of photos and work files I want to keep and went to check it to see if okay if the worst happened and need to do a full recovery on the computer etc and it was fine then suddenly in retrieval area it died on me and back to home and nothing there any more.

Lost most of my restore also and only thing there was a Revo uninstaller point which worked anyway. Weird goings on…Spooky music plays.:smiley’s-happy:

I have checked and have 424 days left on warranty. It is a USB 2. And I am not sure if my ports are good for it - rated 500 a or something when I checked - so may not be fast enough as read here on a thread to help out but very technical.

Rang the retailer they said to take it in and they will check it out and may need to go back but then I may lose my data. He also told me M$ does mystrious things like sneaking in updates even when you said no and hid them as I did IE8 :cry:

Does it come with a disc - kept the box but not any disc in it. Must have had some way.

Looking on My computer it shows up there and devices show working but it is not. Not sure if USB is a device or a port and how to check them out.

Computer is a Dell Inspiron 530.

Any help appreciated and I am not very tech minded but can follow step by step if the person remembers some of us are still learning our way around the computer because it was invented after we left college.

Like I am no tsure if my USB’s are ports or devices on the device manager but checked the lot by clicking on properties and all working. So not that as must have hit the right spot eh!

Forgot to say the little light on the side of it is blinking on and off.

And it is not running at all.  Read another post and tried to push in the rubber bit into the passport but firm so no need for rubber band. Shame.

Also forgot running XP Home Service Pack 3.

well… well…

Did you try a different cable or a different computer?

Can you check on disk management and see of the drive shows up? ( right click my computer > manage > disk management )

If the drive is no where to be found. Try doing a firmware update to see if it will resurrect.

If not… you will need a data recovery specialist to recover the files for you. 

Ok did the Computer management check and 2 devices do show up

WD Smartware 1 615MB capacity and no free space

My passport J as 297GBs capacity and 293.53GBs free space 98%.

Says it is disc 1 and healthy

My C: drive show it is 147.65GBs and has free space of 127.50

When I booted up today the thing started blinking so went to the page and it started to categorise the files and then stopped - does not show as it once did the data i had copied with blue files for picture movies etc.

Also hasnt ever been like the video tutorial I downloaded yesterday although for a time today got the page that looked like one on the video with the fancy bits in the middle etc showed for the first time. I thought it was working since march 2010 and seemed to have been keeping up with the amount on HD used and free etc.

Now seems to be lost as it just now on bringing up the page has nothing much but a few files and no blue bits either.

Not sure what you mean about a data recovery - is there one in Tasmania?(Island off the coast of Australia) Or can the retailer do it?

 I dont own another computer to try it out on

What happens when you open the drive on computer?

If you get an error message you can still get the data with a Recovery software.

Some people on this community have used Recuva.

You should show us a full description about your problem! What the bad errors or messages showed ?

Through the messages, i can make a detailed solutions for you. 

If you want to get some suggestions, i only can recommand a recovery software, Yesterdata Photo Recovery Software. You can use the software scan you hard disk(  photo recovery only).