OMG - Even this forum is hopeless to register with

I kid you not…I must be soooo stupid.  It took me over 10 attempts to register for this forum…all the errors come at the end of submission…how antiquated is that…so you have no idea that passwords needs to be 8 or more charactor, the username you chosen is already in use, the capcha is wrong etc…and each time you have to go back and fill in half the data again, not just that which requires correction. 

WD…what a trerrible start I have had with you!

Hi JACook, welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience creating your account. The registration process is made in a way that it should not take you more than 2 or 3 minutes to register. Above or below each block you will see additional information about the requested fields, here you can see that the number of required characters for the password is specified and that only the black letters for the CAPTCHA are required. 

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you just need to be calm… relax… read and understand it carefully then 1 try finish :slight_smile:

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Registration was a bit off kilter for me, certainly not anything quite like other forums with which I’ve had experience.

I have high hopes of obtaining answers to my questions about a new My Cloud install!