Older WD "My Book" External Drive problem

Not sure if this is the correct area for this drive.
It is an older External Drive LAN attached to a AT&T PACE router. I’ve used this drive for about 10 years attached to various routers. Has worked fine. After a current AT&T DSLAM network outage; it appears to be lacking power. The transformer looks okay, (it has green Indicator light lit), there is a single yellow led on the router end of the network wire BUT the blue leds on the front of the drive do light, there’s no vibration of the drive and it’s not seen on any PC.
I suspect that either the drive power supply or a fuse are cooked.
Can anyone tell me if there is a fuse I can check?
Or any other info/advice would be deeply appreciated…

if a fuse is ‘cooked’ then you wouldn’t be getting any power at all.

Blue LED is Power On and also HDD in Standby Mode

try resetting the My Book


Hey, MANY thanks for the response Joey, but that didn’t have any effect.
The white plastic casing looks very closed; no screws or points of entry. I’ve looked to see how much it would cost to recover data; one place says $400-$1000… If I could get inside I could look of fuse or check power supply. Do you have any knowledge of how to open drive like this?