Older Book Essential 320G Not Working?

Ya so I’ve had this book for a bit now, and it worked great until I was deleting some things on it. I think i accidently deleted the automatic driver install on it. So I was able to download that off the site and get it working once again about a year ago. Since then I have done the same thing on several computers and none of them recognize the external. It turns on and makes this rising noise almost like its got a pulse or some **bleep**. Then fades. This continues and then sometimes it goes silent. I’ve never dropped it so it cannot be broken. Ive gone into disk management also and nothing is recognized there either. I know i have downloaded the correct driver off of the site aswell.

Any ideas? Please and thank you.

does yours have any lights on it that inform you anything? or do they do anything different then normal? i have an issue with every drive i ever bought from WD and wasted thousands