Old WD Sync version

I have an old (very old) hard disk. It’s a WD My Password Essential with 320 Go.
But, recently, this hard drive has broken (my PC can’t read now the hard disk).
And I use this HD only to do my files save with the WD Sync software.

Some time back, I have saving the entire directory that contains all encrypted files but I Don’t save the directory which contains the WD Sync program.

With the new WD Sync software (with My Cloud, etc.…), I can’t open my saved directory on my another HD because WD Sync can’t find another local directory (it want all time to connect on internet, etc…).

So, I not know how use the new WD Sync program to read my old encrypted files….(how force the directory to read an local directory and not search an WD Cloud hard drive)
And I find this old WD Sync version.
So, it’s possible to send a link to download this old version ?
(or if any persons on WD have this version, I would like to have this link)

Thank you for your helps.
Best regards,