Old WD BkUp App Sees Older R - NOT New S MyPassport

Would my new MyPassport Firmware v1034 Vs older R drive with v1021 be the REASON WD BkUp app sees R but NOT new S. WD Drive Utilities Sees new “S” and Quick Check Passed. Tried all of the suggestions.
Just asking B4 I give up. Thanks! (Liked Only File-Folder Changes being dealt with Vs Mounting a Macrium Image to find files.)

Welcome back to the community @CraigS26!

Without the exact models I can only go by what you’ve said thus far. It sounds like you are right, the older drive uses WD Backup while the newer drive uses WD Drive Utilities.

Sorry, never considered the exact model was needed – MyPassport Model WDBYVG0010BBK – WESN --. Drive Utilities is a Maintenance type app & has nothing to do with what WD BkUp does, which is/was Editing ONLY the File Changes since last Run Vs Imaging OR Backing Up ALL Files when only three were modified.
Will search for similar even if $$ involved. Thanks for the Reply!

I misunderstood… thought you had two drives. In fact, it is just one with a newer firmware? Is that correct?

Looks like WD Backup has been replaced by Acronis True Image for Western Digital


IF I understand correctly … Acronis does what Macrium does where EACH Copies the entire Designated Drive when only 3 files were modified or deleted. I wanted Incremental changes Edited in less than 2 minutes where Images or Backup copies take much longer AND Deal with ALL FILES Each Time.
I’m going to try Karen’e Replicator which appears to deal with Changes Only when chkd. Thanks again.

I don’t think that is the case @CraigS26, from reading up on Acronis, it offers incremental backups in addition to a full backup. Have you had a chance to try out Acronis? In any case, glad you already know of another tool that can do the job!

from reading up on Acronis, it offers incremental backups in addition to a full backup.
Really appreciate your follow-up - I’ll check that out!!

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Karen’s Replicator App has turned out to be a wonderful substitute for WD Backup. Big difference is you make a Job for corresponding Targets and cannot Leave Un-chk’d certain folders as you can in WD Bkup. So most of my Target Files are in D:\Craig Files, so THAT is my job creation Target for MyPassports (ie) S:\Craig Files. Folders/Files Not in Craig Files require a separate job creation for Edit and Deletes. WD use to blink its activity light forever, affecting, I think, Safely Release; Not here.