Old version of live or live streaming?

I need to get a new WD for another TV in my house. Even with all of the firmware bugs with the older version of the live I have, I love it and I can work around the bugs.

That being said, I need to know if I should buy the new live streaming or the older standard live?

#1) I pretty much use the WD to watch movies streamed through my computer. 99.9% MKV and DVDs.

I do watch Hulu but don’t are AT ALL about facebook, spotify, or any of the other options. maybe netflix would be good, but not if it sacrifices ANYTHING with movie streaming from my computer.

I will be straming the new device wirelessly and I know that the new live has a built in wi-fi, but  I wouldn’t mind buying an adapter for the older version if it works better for what I want.


The new player is better, It has built-in WiFi and more RAM, New processor, Better Quality Picture, More online Services, Responsive.

If streaming MKV and DVD ISO is your primary goal, It will work just like the old one, You get the idea, The new one seems better than the old one.

I agree… the new one also has a much better interface, is themeable, and has numerous advantages over the older model.

thanks for the replies., Sounds like a go for me!