Old Topic still no resolution WD Sync Service quit unexpectedly

It would appear there is still no solution to the " **WD Sync Service quit unexpectedly." error pop up on the Mac. Lots of suggestions about Fonts etc but nothing which stops the ■■■■ annoying pop up.

Has anyone found a solution


Note that this is mostly a user to user support group. WD Sync is what it is and more than a few have problems with it. If you do not need remote access and only plan to sync from the Mac (or Windows) computer to a local network My Cloud, then one can use third party sync programs such as Free File Sync (http://freefilesync.org/).

Also you may want to see, if you haven’t already, the dedicated subforum for WD Software and Apps to see if there is further discussion similar to your issue.


There are also one or more WD Knowledgebase articles that may be of interest.


Thanks, I guess I should ahev done the research before purchasing. This equipment definitely goes into the “wish I’d never bought it” box.