Old removed movie file still appear in media library

I have moved all my pictures folder on the hub. After a first update of media library, i have figured out in the video library hundred of short movies coming from my picture folder taht i didn’t want to have on my hub.

Then, i have removed the said files. But there is still 4 movies appearing in the video medi view. When i try to delete them, it say that there are no longer existing. Even after media library update, those file still appear.

It is not a big deal, but it would be nicer if the video library could appear clean.



I ve just done it, but the files are still there

I had a similar problem, I unplugged the power for an hour and then plugged back in again and the problem had gone.

Cant explain why but seen this as a fix in another thread so gave it a go.

The likelihood is that they are stuck in the memory and by unplugging for some time they are forgotten.

i unplugged the hub for almost 4 hours, but the files are still there!!!

This thing of shutting down or restarting for a network share update is just ridiculous!

**bleep**… WD start thinking about usability please…

I had the same prob and you will find the unit has stored them in a separate folder. I’m sorry but I’m at work on my phone so I can’t look to see where it is exactly but now that all the info for each movie is stored with that file it should be a bit easier to find

As those file are all .mov, i have perfomed a search on this criteria from nmy laptop. But there is no more .mov file on the hub…