Old MyCloud Upgrade


I own an older model of the mycloud drive, my house is wired internally and i have fibre mx sky broadband but drive has always proved slow and unreliable.

Is there any point in buying newer model ? whats the difference

Which “newer model” were you looking to upgrade to?

Which “older model” My Cloud do you have?

Is the older model connected to a Gigabit router?

Are all your computers/network devices likewise Gigabit capable and connected via wire to the Gigabit router?

Are you using Cat 5e or higher networking wire to each local wired network device and the Gigabit router?

Generally any devices that use WiFi to access the My Cloud will transfer at slower speeds than those connected via Gigabit wire.

The broadband internet speed does NOT affect the local network transfer speed to or from the My Cloud from local network devices. The broadband internet speed would only affect remote access to the My Cloud.

Often people have slow access to the My Cloud due to their network router or switch not being Gigabit capable. In some cases their network router may be limiting the speed of all connected devices to the slowest device (10/100 for example) on the local network.

Network is full gigabit, am not near the device at the moment so am not sure on the model but it predates 2014.

I have serial number but sure should post that here.

The cabling is at least 5e and the computers are capable of gigabit connection and my pc is also less than year old.

I haven’t chosen new version yet , I was looking at my cloud home single bay.

managed dig up some info.

Out of Limited Warranty
My Cloud

The My Cloud device is different than the My Cloud Home device. You may want to review the various issues being discussed in the dedicated My Cloud Home subforum(s) to see if there are any issues that stand out as show stoppers for your needs.


Even more confused what to choose, family basically stores photos, videos and audiobooks plus junk on the drive. Just need be able access it from iPad or iphone and laptop inside or out and about.

I would use iCloud or google but file sizes are large and companies keep changing storage space allowed and prices.

WD is still selling the plain Jane single bay My Cloud device if the My Cloud Home doesn’t suit your needs.