Old MyBook Pro Ed. II - not fully recognised by Windows 7 Laptop

Need help.

Just got an old 1TB MyBookPro Ed II with a bunch of video content I need - and my laptop won’t recognise it.

In the Windows Device manager it dsays it is there and working properly.

But, whenever i plug it into the USB the computer error message reads:

“WU2T11140997 has a problem. Run WD RAID manager for more details and contact technicval support for help”

I have uninstalled and reinstalled all latest device drivers and downloaded and installed the latest WD RAID Manager - which when operating does not pick up the MyBook Pro Ed. II drive.

Can anyone be of assistance?


I’ve got one and had a similar problem. What worked for me was to go into device manager delete the driver, remove the drive properly reboot and then plug drive back in. Did you revove drive after deleting driver and reboot?