Old Folder

I recently renamed a folder from Movie to Movies and now both folders show up on the screen.  When I click the old folder it just says no media in current folder, my issue is that folder shouldt show up at all. There is no such folder on my pc any longer… I had this issue once before and I had to restore defaults on the device to clear it but I hate oding that is there any other way to fix this?

Did you try putting the WDTV into standby, disconnecting the power for a few minutes, then reconnecting?

Restarting your PC while the WDTV is off might be worth doing too.

Wait until the PC is back on and sharing before plugging the WDTV back in to avoid any LMB weirdness.

If you’re using MEDIA SERVERs, make sure you tell the Media Server software to rescan again… 

If you’re using NET SHARES, then usually all you have to do is back out to the Home screen and go back in…

neither worked… how ever I did add the new open beta firmware update and now its gone, but i guess thats the same as doing a restore defaults in a way.

Thanks though