Old firmware archive? 3.00.28 needed please

Can someone please tell me… where can I download 3.00.28 from now that 3.01.19 has superseded it? I’ve found  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/ which maxes out some revisions ago, and the GPL download area, but seemingly no 3.00.28 pukka source!  And yes, mea culpa - now is the time to personally archive 3.01.19 of course, before some wise person says it!




The old versions are at this link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/

Note there are two references to v2.08.13 but the first one shows the rollback for 3_0_28.zip when you hover the pointer over it. Just another inattention to detail thing I guess.

“Not Richard”

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Oh for f’s sake WD!

Many thanks dfrench.

Not solved! Link not working when you click on it. My Solution:

roll back to 2.08.13. Then use this link :  http://download.wdc.com/wdtv/wdtvlivehub_3.00.28.zip to updrade to 3.00.28 with usb. Latest firmware is a nightmare! When using digital passthrough with hdmi only sound with files with dolby digital and dts. 

no sound with aac

no sound with spotify

no sound with vimeo

no sound with anything except the new apps like the collegesports app. 

installed 3.00.28 and everything worked fine again!

Thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t actually try to download the older version as I’m still testing to see if the latest works for my needs.

“Not Richard”

I give you the reason, version 3.01.19 is pathetic: it hangs randomly when reprodiucing files an the you have yo restar to recover the wat to reproduce that type pf files (mkv, m2ts…)…

Please , better check when seedeing updates.