Okay need solutions

Okay I am using this theme: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes/JoeySmyth-s-Aeon-ish-Home-Screen-Gallery-theme-list-view-fix/td-p/181858/page/11

Now everything looks fine on it but the thumbnails at the bottom are all blurry now since the upgrade of the firmware. Is there going to be a fix for this? If not are there any themes that wouldn’t require me to redo all my movies again?

There are no themes supporting 2.08.13. The Aeonish Hub designer has no plans at the moment to support 2.08.13 or even future firmware revisions until WD issues a fully stable firmware. Rollback your firmware to 2.07.17 and enjoy the previous themes

The only solution is to roll back to the former firmware. There is no chance to fix that with the current firmware.

The images you upload to your hub and the image that is displayed on your TV are not the same. You will find these images in your .wd_tv/thumbs folder. Compare them to the original and you know why there is absolutely nothing the developer of the theme nor you can do but to roll back.

If you care for more info and how to roll back, read this thread

The only way is rollback firmware to a previous version (JoeySmith anyway develop the theme for firmware 2.04.13 because it’s the more stable and has less bug)