Ok to turn router off every night

Will it be harmful to the ex4100 if you turn the router off every night?

What is the point of turning router off? it will not hurt the NAS but every time the router reboots the NAS looses the IP address for port forwarding for cloud access and you need to obtain new IP by rebooting router. Better to turn off NAS than router or put NAS in hibernate mode. Most users do not turn either off.

The router had to be placed in a room where one person sleeps and according to everything I’ve read you shouldn’t have that close a contact to the emissions from a router.

RF emissions from a router are microscopic and not harmful. Pay no attention to urban legends from uninformed people.

Thanks for your answers. I’m still up in the air though. I got back online this morning to check again on the hazards of router emissions. It seems to be one of those topics where there are opinions going both ways even from credible groups. All seem to say the same thing though and that is the further from the device the less risk there is… Well the bed is about 3 feet from the router which gives me concern. Losing the IP address could be why my previous NAS drive seemed to have a hard time being seen by my PC at times.

Well there are opinions and there are FACTS, You need the latter. Fact: a router emits about 100 milli-watts of RF power.i.e. not much, but enough to put a weak wifi signal in the house.