Ok, so what model do i have? can i use it as a media (itunes) library?

It’s black, about two inches think, and shows 640gig capacity.    it has a single usb connection.   It’s lights are basicallly a two-part blue line in the middle of the front, which does mysterious things when accessed.   it only lights up when connected to a computer via usb.

I *think* it’s a mybook essentials, maybe 2.0.    My wife bought it about 18 months ago, lost the power adapter, and mentioned it to me about two weeks ago.   ordered the correct power adapter from WD, was please to see it come back to life.

What i WANT to do is hook it up to the back of my cisco e3000 (dual-n) router and use it as a network drive, probably mostly as a central homeshare itunes library.     Am I going to have to lobotomize the device and wipe the drive?   It seems like a decent piece of hardware, and I’d rather not do that if there are built-in goodies.   but i can also just use it as a fancy external drive enclosure, if need be.    please advise.

Do you have a Sticker with Model/Part Number?

If not, could you  post some pix of your drive in here to be sure. (Front-Back & Side) 800 X 640 is good enough.

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