Ok...Going on TWO HOURS for firmware update

Made the massive mistake of thinking I should upgrade to 2.10.310 from what was for me a stable, 2.10.302. Now I am sitting here waiting for this thing to finish over 2 hours into this update. Still at “installing firmware update” on the front of the EX4…
I’d really like a replacement unit at this point because this has been nothing but headaches since day 1.

4 hours in and I decided I had enough. I attempted first to do a normal shutdown by holding the power button in till it showed “unit is powering down”…then after a 1 hour wait there, I went and pulled power.
LUCKILY, the unit came back up and did apparently take the update. I am very familiar with firmware updates and realize when you lose power at the wrong time, you can easily hose a device beyond any easy sort of repair.
That being said after yanking power, letting it reboot and then about a 20 minute processing time to get it back up and operating, the unit is now functioning as it was pre-firmware update attempt.
Quite frankly this is really unacceptable behavior on a device that cost initially over $1,300 dollars.
The only plus I see so far with this unit is the red drives really do seem to last well as the amount of HD activity that goes on with this thing is unreal…but yet they are still working ok.
Still have a real issue with how long the finder window updates with folder contents in Mac OSX though.
Oh well…just another day in the world of IT.

New update!
Well, it seems I spoke too soon. Now this thing is pingable but the webgui and any file access in windows or mac is completely down.
I am 110% sure this is due to the CPU being overloaded again as it does some kind of background indexing, as that is what has been killing these things all along.
Fix this or send me a newer updated one.
I do not want tech support. I am tech support.


We have escalated you. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.