OK, forget the web access, is it possible to use the My Cloud Mirror as just a decent NAS drive?

I’ve had the MyCloud Mirror for a week and it’s been a nightmare. At this point I’d settle for it mapped to my windows desktop and my mac laptop without having to use their desktop program and forgo any of the web access when away from the office. Hell I might even use their desktop program if it didn’t limit the file size to under 999Mb! Is there anyway to make this boat anchor useful?

You don’t need to use any WD program for that kind of thing (indeed for anything), they’re just for convenience.

If you look under Windows Explorer in the network section, you should see the MCM there with all of the available shares listed as shared folders underneath that. You can map network drives to any of those as you wish, and access everything just fine over the network by SMB/CIFS.

You can actually also set up something similar for remote access using WebDAV, with a bit of port forwarding on your router and a suitable client program on your computer, but that’s more advanced.

I can’t comment directly on doing similar with a Mac as I don’t have one, but from reading other comments in the past it should be possible in a similar way.

Thanks Darren. I was attempting just that. I did manage to map some share in Windows Explorer, just not my private folders. That was a issue cause by being locked out of the admin Dashboard. That required a full factory reset and NOT using the recommended set up via MyCloud.com/setup. The final issue, mapping the drive in finder on my MacBook, WD tech support was able to solve for me. My Mac, for some reason does not like smb protocol, but WD was able to make a successful connection using afp. (I will admit, my knowledge on these protocols is very limited a this time. I will have to look into this further) Once I was connected via finder on the Mac my issue with file size limits vanished. Everything is working as I imagined it would.