Oh Internet

I decided to Google “Pizza Matrix” and this is what I found…

I’m still shocked over the laughter…

It’s amazing what you’ll find when you dig a little. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want pizza, Dave…

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Hey check what I found online a song name watagatapitusberry :

ani con cramberry im feeling so dirty baby u spaguetti? lets go… im ready tirame por el blacberry vamonoh en el ferry be happy, dont worry.

watagatapitusberyy (WHAT!?) watagatapitusberry (WHAT!?) watagatapitusberry (WHAT!?) watagatapitusberry (que lo que se significa watapitusberry!?) watagatapitusberry (QUE !?) watagatapitusberry(EL QUE !?) watagatapitusberry.