Offsite backup between two MBL Duos via VPN?

Hi, I am pretty new to networking and VPNs so this might be a simple question.

I am looking for information on how to set up a VPN between two MBL Duos to allow daily or weekly offsite backups scheduled to run overnight. I would like to run two types of backup:

  1. all files in their original form (i.e. not as compressed .bak files - about 0.5TB) so I can access the backup drive remotely in case of a power cut at the office;

  2. I also want to periodicallty back up all the office computers including applications and software configurations etc, so if the office burns to the ground, I can restore the computers and software on the 5 or 6 computers in the office.

We currently have a 4TB MBL Duo which we use as a server in the office and I will buy another for my house as the backup drive. Is it possible to connect these NAS drives together and run scheduled overnight backups as I have described? If so how, do I do it and what will I need? I have checked that both routers involved allow VPN pass through.

Many thanks



Remote backups are not supported on the MBL.

YOu can install OpenVPN server on one MBL, and install OpenVPN client on another.  There are tutorials on how to set up the server. 

But the encryption of OPenVPN with teh small processor of the MBL will make the data transfer rather slow.

Another option would be to install owncloud server on one, and owncloud client on another.