Offline WD TV Live SMP: How to adjust the Clock

Hi everyone

How do we adjust the time/clock for a WD TV Live SMP that is NOT connected to any net connection?

There is a location setting but the time is off by 6-7 minutes.

I wonder where it got that time in the first place!!?? (there are other encrytped wifi around but not mine)

Thank you


They’re set at the factory, I think.   And there’s a battery inside to keep the clock running, but the on-board clock isn’t terribly accurate and re-syncs every time it boots up.

You really need to put it on the network once in a while, because if the time drifts too far, it will not resync again.

There is no manual way to set it.

Thank you TonyPh12345

I wish WD would consider implementing manual adjustment