Offline WD SSD Dashboard Download

Where can I find an offline SSD Dashboard v2.5.0.0 download? Like we used to have with v2.4.0.0.

I’ve already downloaded the recent, but it’s under 1MB, and when run it requires internet to download & install it. I install this on a lot of machines and takes a long time to download/install for every computer now. When my internet runs slow at 2Mbit it can take a long time to download over 200MB.

I’ve saved a copy of the .ZIP file the current installer downloads, but it looks like it’s an exact zip of the program files directory and there’s no setup.exe that I can find. Downloading the software every time I want to install it is very tedious and a waste of my internet and time.

You can download the software from

You can download the software from

Unfortunately the only download from Softpedia is from “External Mirror 1” which downloads from “” which is the file “WesternDigitalSSDDashboardSetup.exe” that is 351 KB which is the exact file you download from WD’s SSD Dashboard page anyway.

Anyone else know where to download an offline SSD Dashboard v2.5.0.0?
Which should be a little over 200 MB, not 351 KB.

I completely agree with Mr. Tom. I have an offline computer for doing the heavy photography things, no interference with running anti-virussoftware and so on.
No I can only use older dasboards. Bad service of WD. And do not send us to Softpedia or alike, WD should deliver. I am expecting the company to answer.

WD should deliver. I am expecting the company to answer.

Ya, don’t hold your breath. If there’s no response here since June 26th, then there never will be.

I just keep using the last good offline install of v2.4.0.0. I use this installer all the time since I purchase a lot of WD SSDs. But something may change in the future if it turns out v2.4.0.0 stops functioning with newer hardware.