Offline Question

I am looking to buy one of these, but I am skeptical because where do the files go if you are not connected to Internet? Does it automatically update once you connect, and stay on the hard drive until you do? This is like the deciding factor on it.


It’s not an empty box. 

It’s a NAS with an HDD inside. 

Update what? 

You can use it in sync to/from local or remote files/folders. 

You can also use it as central storage unit in your lan and have access to it from wan. 

Sorry I was not specific. Let’s say I’m on a vacation but I use the mycloud to store my pictures on, and I upload the pictures from my camera to my laptop but it is not connected to Internet. Will my laptop save them to my hard drive on my laptop, then once I connect to the internet will the laptop automatically upload the pictures to the mycloud. I hope this makes more sense.

The upload(or sync)  task from your laptop to your MyCloud can be done using software like winscp via ftp/sftp manually or using a batch file when you connect to Internet from your remote location. 

You will need to enable ftp server on yor MyCloud dashboard for this.