Officially support Docker

There are so many useful apps that have been created to operate through Docker. It would add a great deal of functionality to the WD lineup of NASs to have Docker as an official app. This would really allow users to find the apps they are most interested in while also letting WD compare itself to other devices such as Synology that have much of what docker offer’s built-in (including docker.)


Hi @ActiveUser,

Thanks for sharing feedback with us.

The feedback is evaluated and it is possible that the requested changes will be included in a future upgrade.


i hope it will be do
i use docker in pr2100
it is very useful as homeassistant
but docker version is only 19, i can’t upgrade
i wait for get it as soon as possible

Have you seen my guide @rootkgh on updating?

yes i read it
but i think it is for ex series

so i don’t try it

is it same for pr2100?
pr2100 cpu is intel, it is different ex series

You’ll see when following the steps that there are files for each model. Simply pick the one matching your model, otherwise the process seems consistent across models. But I’m no expert so if you aren’t comfortable with the redneck guide, don’t follow it.