Official Answer About USB Flash Drive Compatibility

Yesterday i sent a email to official support team Western Digital about the problem with my USB Flash Drive

I asked about USB Flash Drive Compatibility in my WD TV Live

The answer was:

The official USB devices support is here:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

I answered , hey !, in that list dont appear any USB Flash Drive

The reply of the Official Team was:

Yes, none USB Flash drive was tested with WD TV Live. This means that the USB Flash drive is not compatible with your WD TV Live. They can run but no, we dont have a solution to the problem.

Regards: Waldo (Help and Support Official Team Western Digital)

Friends, It’s a joke? , Cagate Lorito!!

Maybe so, but plenty flash drives work.  I’m using sony’s, memorex’s, and kingston’s.

Hello, as far as my testings goes, I can tell that kingstons work, but a Verico usb 4Gb flash thumbdrive is not recognized by the WDTV Live…

I have a 1TB Seagate external hdd and it works great with my player.

so Avoid Verico brand for the yours WD TV Live…