Office 2019 document issue

A user opens and saves a Word document. During that time, someone else opens the document and closes it. Result: all changes that have been made to the document are lost. There are no files in the autosave folder on the PC. What could you do to prevent this from happening?

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You will need a server to handle sharing of documents but that can set you back a few extra pesos

by convention one handles the work, and others handle financial reports with excel etc

object linking and embedding goes way back

That is what Office 365 is for, you edit in the browser and you can see all contributors editing at the same time and you don’t lose any content. This is not really a ‘Home’ question as there are no versioning control in the MCH.

With another older WD NAS that we bought in 2013, we didn’t have that problem. No programs were required, and the Office programs detected that the files were open by other users.

Yes, much to the chagrin of OS3 owners, the completely rewritten OS4 Android based MC HOME is not really a replacement for the earlier units. WDC decided to support mainly cloud photos and video usage for the HOME line of products. You can restrict editing on your own Office 2019 files to prevent versioning problems and ask users to save as a new file. Obviously WDC didnt’ see this as a problem for the HOME line of cloud storage.