Offical confirmation requested: 1TB Harddrive working with game consoles or not?

Dear Western Digital,

kindly give an offical statement if the 1TB My Passport harddrive is compatible to game consoles (especially the Playstation 3) or not? I have formatted the drive to Fat32 but that didn’t help either.

Please let us know before we waste any more time trying to get it working.

Thank you

FalloutX, the only Western Digital My Passport Portable Hard Disk Drive advertised to be Sony Playstation 3 compatible and ready is the My Passport AV Portable Media Drive (320 GB); no other branches of My Passport are advertised for this function, even when formatted as FAT32. Support article  3308: WD USB drive compatibility with XBox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles lists a WD My Passport Essential and a WD My Book Elite as examples of devices that should work when formatted as FAT32, however, they are merely listed as examples since most devices formatted as FAT32 should be recognized by the Sony Playstation 3.

The 1TB WD My Passport Essential SE is designed with computer use as a primary intention, hence, it can work but is not advertised for compatibility in the same manner as the WD My Passport AV Portable Media Drive, which has a clear support notice. 

For more information, please refer to the following link:


Thank you for the confirmation.

Very disappointing though…