Offer WD RED 2.5inch with higher capacities

At the moment I am building a new home server using a micro ITX case. Because of this there is not much space inside the case and I would like to use 2.5inch HDDs to save energy.  I need at least 2 TB usable capacity and I want to use a RAID to increase the availability so it would be great if I could use 2.5inch WD RED HDDs with 2 TB each but at the moment there are only 2.5inch disks for notebooks.

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I am in the same boat. I love the concept of 2.5 drives. I have 2 1TB 2.5" drives in my server right now. I am trying to wait patiently for WD to release at LEAST 2TB version in the 2.5" format. Please give them to us and take our money!!!

Ive just signed up here to ask this exact question… 2.5inch drives dont seem to have passed 1Tb, there was a GREEN drive that was 2TB i think.

So whats the plan WD with RED 2.5inch? need to know to work out what to do with new servers. User 3.5inch or stay with 2.5inch?