Off-site Backup

I have a 4TB MyCloud (A) which I use to back up some PCs using SmartWare. I would like to purchase another identical unit (B), keep it offsite, and sync some of the folders over the internet. I am concerned with geographically based threats (fire, theft, etc), and not so much with mirroring 2 drives onsite, and the offsite mirror would make that moot anyway.

I found this potentially promising thread:

I downloaded WD Sync, but I realized that my MyCloud (A) interface doesn’t have all of the same options as pictured there, specifically it doesn’t have Backups, only SafePoints. Still, looking through the link it looks as if that by purchasing the new 4TB MyCloud (B), I would be able to add it as a cloud device. Once that is done, it appears I would be able to set it (B) up to sync to the backups of the PCs created by SmartWare on the first MyCloud (A).

Can anyone confirm this would work before I purchased the additional unit?

(Again, I’d prefer not to buy the more expensive Mirror version if possible, I’m not interested in redundant drives in one location, but in having redundant geographical locations.)

thanks in advance!

Smartware doesn’t allow for remote backups from the computer to the My Cloud. WD Sync is for syncing the contents of a computer’s folder to the My Cloud, not from one My Cloud to another. The Safepoint backup option of the My Cloud is for backing up the My Cloud to either a USB drive or to another location on the local network.

There are ways to enable remote backup of the My Cloud (using rsync) but it would involve some work on the users part. See the following threads:

Thanks Bennor. I had seen the one with linux but was leery of the voided warranty statement, and am not up on linux as it is. There are different pros and cons with each of these, but it looks like I should be able to reach my end goal if I were to go ahead and purchase another unit.

WD seems to have 90% of this in place already. If Johnny Homeuser wanted to buy extra WD drives to keep off-site in order to protect from losing his irreplaceable family photos and records to a flood/fire (and not put them on a public cloud), such an offsite backup feature would seem to be a logical selling point.