Odds of Getting a My Cloud Gen 1 v/s a Gen 2

If one decided to purchase a single bay/drive My Cloud for analysis and testing purposes, what are the odds of getting a Gen 1 v/s a Gen 2? Keep in mind that I know how to distinguish between the two, but that’s not always so easy to do when shopping online.

Model: My Cloud (Gen 1)
Code: SQ - Sequoia
Specs: Mindspeed Comcerto 2000 M86261G-12 Dual Core 650 MHz, 256 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-00. Firmware 03.xx.xx and 04.xx.xx
Note: Firmware 03.xx.xx has 4K pages and firmware 04.xx.xx has 64K pages.

Model: My Cloud (Gen 2)
Code: GLCR - Glacier
Specs: Marvell Armada A375 Dual Core 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-10. Firmware 02.xx.xx

Also, what hard drives are most likely to be installed inside the case? I’m considering the following two models, but will only consider getting the 4TB model if it contains at minimum, a WD Red 7200 RPM drive. Please don’t suggest the 3TB model, the 3TB drives are junk.

My gen2 4gb came with 5400rpm red. I dont think they will see the need for a 7200rpm drive in a consumer grade appliance.

Given that gen2 devices have been around for about 18 months, I’d be very surprised if you managed to get a gen1 device from an online retailer (assuming they have a sane approach to supply chain).

Second hand may be your better bet; maybe even look for a dead one and replace the HDD? If all you’re after is a device to play with firmware, do you really care that much what disk it has? Get the firmware running to your satisfaction with any old gash SATA drive, and then buy a good drive when you’ve got the firmware running to your satisfaction?

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Have you done any Google searches or looked at what is on You Tube?

Look at this to see what is probable inside all My Clouds.


You may want to look at this drive. Found by doing a Google search.


Chances slim to none of getting a gen 1 My Cloud these days from retail. The Gen 2 started replacing the Gen 1 in the retail supply change late 2015. If you want a Gen 1, look around for people selling used My Cloud devices and see if one exists.

WD Reds are what is the single bay My Cloud units. Many past discussions where others have asked the exact same question.

Don’t want a WD Red drive? Either buy a multi bay unit where you can put in your own drives or remove the WD Red and use your own drive following one of the many unbricking threads in this subforum.

Banana Pi?

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