Oddities... Multiple shares from single storage server, sorting, Multiple WD Live SMP's

I have a few oddities I’ve been trying to deal with… 1) I have Multiple shares on a Windows Server. When I go to Setup - System - Media Library - Media Library Manager for Network Share, it will only ever show the last share I added. IE - Share 1 - DVD Share 2 - TVShows Share 3 - DVR Share 4 - Music I only want DVD and TVShows to be indexed as part of the media library, so I go to add them through the Media Library Manager for Network Share, it only shows the last share I added. IE server/tvshows Eventually this leads to only showing Tvshows in the media library. 2) Some shows in the media library, although sorted by date, alphabetically ect, it shows Episodes 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, ect then Episode 2… Episode information and meta data is all correct. If I look at them via File names, they are sorted correctly. (Fix would be to sort by episode alphabetically, using an implied leading 0 in front of the episode #). IE Fringe Season 1 - 1 Pilot Fringe Season 1 - 10 Safe Fringe Season 1 - 11 Bound . . . Fringe Season 1 - 2 The Same Old Story Fringe Season 1 - 20 There’s More than 1 of Everything Fringe Season 1 - 3 The Ghost Network 3) Multiple SMP’s connected to the same Network Server. I want 1 SMP to be the “master” of the media library, the others to use the Library as read only slaves in that it can not get media info or compile the library. I seem to hit locking issues where multiple ones of these try to update the library at the same time causing issues where media never gets added till a full rescan is done.

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Thanks. Hopefully these will be officially fixed or addressed.