Odd Shared Folder Behaviour

I’ve just got the drive, very pleased so far, easy to set up and I’ve ready the manual from front to back.  but I’ve got something odd happening when I try to set up Private folders.

What I have in full is this:

Set up the drive as per the instructions, created the first (admin) user and gave it both a password and cloud access so i could get to it remote.

Set up a second user for my partner, no password, no cloud access.

Set up three folders to help organise media files for the DNLA, all set public with media on.

All good so far, I can access the folders from all local PCs, the tuner, TV and blu-ray see the folders.

Now I create a new folder but set it private.  I set the admin account with full access and my parter with read only.

Try to access the share through Windows Explorer (Windows 7 64-Bit fully patched) and it prompts for a username and password, which I would expect.  However whether I enter the account names of either user, with or without passowrd, and I am denied access.

Now it gets odd.

I created a new user with no password and gave it full access to the private share.

Now when I click on the share in Windows Explorer, it opens immediately and does not prompt for a username or password.  Set this account to no access, and I immediately get asked for a user name and password again.

The new user does not have the same username as the PC and I’m never asked to enter it.  But remove this user’s access and the share locks down. and won’t let anyone get in, regardless of their access level.

What is more, I can repeat this time and time again, new folderws, new users, different PCs, and the same thing happens every time.

The really odd thing is that the second user I created (my partner) also can’t gain access even though it has no password.

Can anyone tell me what is happening, what might be going wrong, or what I am doing wrong?  As it is, I’m having tyo leave all folders as public access as making them private just lockes them down so no one can see inside them.

If you  need any more  info, I’d be happy to oblige.

Hi RayvenUK, try to only have mapped one of the shares for each user at a time. Windows has a limitation with mapping several shares with different passwords. 

This was not the issue. Al private shares had the same users. If a single pc would need access to a share then the same user was added to each. This meant that a single user was required per pc.

What is happening is that the first time a pc sees the share for the drive having never seen any before, it prompts for the username and password as expected, but then still refuses access to any of the shares permitted. Even after 24 hours, a reboot of the drive and the pc will not take the username and password.

When I added another user with no password and full access to the share with a completely random username, then all of the shares became available to the pc and it never prompted for credentials of any sort.

Go to your windows account credentials manager at the control panel. Remove any saved wdcloud logins you see for that windows account. Log off then relogin and try again. Remember one windows account equals one nas private password protected share. You will encounter such issues if you ever tried to login a new nas share using the same windows account.

By any chance you renamed the “Device Name” at WD Dashboard->Settings->General? If yes try reverting it back to default “WDMyCloud”…

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There are no Windows credentials for the wdcloud in the credentials. The drive still has its original name. Drive and Windows rebooted. Username and passwords for the account have been double checked and verified, but the folder share is still not available to the account from any machine.

Accounts created after the share can access the private shares without ever entering the password. Accounts created before the share cannot access the shares.

RayvenUK wrote:
Accounts created after the share can access the private shares without ever entering the password. Accounts created before the share cannot access the shares.

I agreed this part is weird, I can’t reproduce this on my 10 workstations mix of hard virtual nix and wins connected to the cloud…

I would recommend performing a “System Only” restore w/o affecting your /DataVolume, then recreate those users and reassign their privileges back to each respective shares…

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Sorry for the delay.  In the end I reset the cloud drive back to factory defaults and it has worked perfectly ever since.  I can only surmise that it was a glitch at software level somewhere as I can no longer reproduce the issue.

Many thanks for the support in the meantime.